Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Kami is going to have to have a liver transplant. Good news is that my brother, Jeff, is a positive blood match for Kami. He is in Pittsburgh as we speak undergoing tests to confirm compatibility. Hopefully all the tests come back positive and he can donate part of his liver. BUT, she is on the transplant list just in case he isn't. BUT it would be better if he was. The recovery for both of them will be lengthy, and Kami will have to stay in Pittsburgh for a few months. BUMMER! The latest plan I have heard is that after she has recovered enough from her transplant, she will have to undergo 2 more rounds of chemo to "clean" things up and blast any other little cancer tid-bits left behind.


  1. Thanks for the update. I didn't reallize it had come to this, but it's great to know that Jeff is a positive match... we'll keep our fingers crossed that all goes well with the both of them. We'll cross our toes too if it'll help.

  2. Lindsay- it is Lindsey Flynn. I just saw this on Krysta's blog. Kami is so adorable, what a strong little girl. I am so sorry to hear what she has gone and has to go through. She is in my prayers and I hope everything works out for yall.