Tuesday, December 7, 2010

She's back from Pittsburgh!!!!!

She went through a wide variety of tests and talked with a gazillion different people. It was a stressful/busy couple of days for them.

Kami had to have surgery this morning to put a different type of port in her chest. That went well and right now she is getting ready for chemo round #4 later this afternoon.

Kami's grandma told me some good news a few minutes ago. The Alpha Fetal Protein count, the protein making up her tumor, was at 144,000 before she started chemo. Now, it's WAY down to around 1,000!

I got to hang out with Kami a little this weekend. It was great to see her feeling better. She was playing and laughing and crawling on the floor while she was chasing grandma and the other kids.
What an amazing little fighter.


  1. Wow! That's great news! I hope all continues on well :) we never stop praying.

  2. Little Kami reminds me so much of my daughter. Sending sweet, happy thoughts her way and praying for many, many blessings. Much love.