Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Jeff's a positive match and things are set to start next Friday the 14th, though they need to be there on Thursday the 13th to get ready for everything. If all goes well, Jeff could possibly come home in 2 weeks and Kami in around 4-6 weeks after the surgery. This is so HUGE! Everyone pray for them.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Kami is going to have to have a liver transplant. Good news is that my brother, Jeff, is a positive blood match for Kami. He is in Pittsburgh as we speak undergoing tests to confirm compatibility. Hopefully all the tests come back positive and he can donate part of his liver. BUT, she is on the transplant list just in case he isn't. BUT it would be better if he was. The recovery for both of them will be lengthy, and Kami will have to stay in Pittsburgh for a few months. BUMMER! The latest plan I have heard is that after she has recovered enough from her transplant, she will have to undergo 2 more rounds of chemo to "clean" things up and blast any other little cancer tid-bits left behind.

Monday, December 20, 2010

I don't know why I can't make this bigger, but you can see it bigger on the kashforkami facebook page. Check out her cupcake doubt her mommy made it for her.

Kami is going to go through a bunch of tests today that will later determine whether or not she has to go to Pittsburgh for a transplant or if she can stay in Hershey and have her liver repaired at the Hershey Medical Center.

I am sorry I don't have more info and more info more often. Things change so fast and things are never 100% conclusive until a bunch of tests are done. Even then, things seem to change pretty quick. For right now, she is hanging in there and waiting for more results. Everyone pray that she can be home for Christmas.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

She's back from Pittsburgh!!!!!

She went through a wide variety of tests and talked with a gazillion different people. It was a stressful/busy couple of days for them.

Kami had to have surgery this morning to put a different type of port in her chest. That went well and right now she is getting ready for chemo round #4 later this afternoon.

Kami's grandma told me some good news a few minutes ago. The Alpha Fetal Protein count, the protein making up her tumor, was at 144,000 before she started chemo. Now, it's WAY down to around 1,000!

I got to hang out with Kami a little this weekend. It was great to see her feeling better. She was playing and laughing and crawling on the floor while she was chasing grandma and the other kids.
What an amazing little fighter.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Doesn't this make you feel happy!

She is in Pittsburgh right now getting tests done at the children's hospital.
We miss you Kami!

Here's a brief little conversation Lindsay had with her girls on the way to Pittsburgh yesterday:

me: we are going to pittsburgh.
Shannon: we are going to pixburgh.
Kamdyn: we are going to pittsbird.

anyway you put it, you are going somewhere!

Monday, November 29, 2010

I am so very sorry that it's been a while since the last post. Let's see, what's new.

Kami went back to the hospital for a little to get rehydrated and receive a part of her chemo treatment. She had to stay for about a week until she got through some rough spots with some of the side effects. She developed ulcers in her mouth again and had to get a blood transfusion. She pushed through all of those and is doing better.

She wasn't aable to be home for Thanksgiving, but the docs released her for a couple of hours to be with us all at Grandma's house for a huge Thanksgiving dinner. It was great to see her with the rest of us, she's a big reason for why we are all so grateful at this time of year. She played with her cousins and sisters, ate a little teeny bit of Thanksgiving dinner, and sat on our laps. She was smiling and giggling and giving high fives.

She was discharged the next day and spent the weekend at home. Kami was at Spencer's , my son, birthday party, last night, and asked to sit closer to Spencer when she couldn't see him open his present's from across the room! She was in good spirits, but pretty tired and little cranky towards the end.

Tomorrow, Kami leaves with her sisters and Grandma for Pittsburgh. In the event that she needs to have a transplant or a more complicated surgery than the docs can handle in Hershey, she will need to have preliminary tests and work done before hand. They will be in Pittsburgh for a couple days. Her fourth round of chemo will start after she gets back.

Thanks to everyone who has helped and prayed and donated and done some much for my brother's family. It means more than you can ever know.