Tuesday, November 9, 2010

This is the latest, from her father:

Well, good news and not good news. The good news is that we just saw the tumor and it has shrunk. It is about 20% smaller than it was when this whole thing started. The not good thing is that the tumor is directly over the central part of her liver. Unless it shrinks away from critical parts of the liver, she may need to have a liver transplant. So for now, we're "on the radar" with the transplant committee out of Pittsburg. After the holidays her progress will be reviewed again and the pediatric surgeons will discuss the possibility of removing the tumor. If they feel like they can not remove the tumor without damaging her liver, we will be referred to specialists in Pittsburg. She's making progress, but we're far from out of the woods. Basically, plan A is the tumor shrinks away from critical parts of the liver and it can be removed here in Hershey. Plan B, the tumor does not shrink away from the critical parts of the liver and she will need to travel to Pittsburg to have it the tumor removed. Plan C, Pittsburg decided that the tumor can not be removed without damaging the liver and Kami will need a transplant. Hence, we are now on the radar for a transplant. The good news is that Pittsburg specializes in tricky tumor removals when organs are at stake. Transplant is the absolute last resort for those guys. At least that is what we're told. Pittsburg also has the technology to actually remove both the tumor and her liver, repair and clean up effected parts of her liver, then place her liver back in her body. Anyway, that's the latest for now.

Currently she had the mediport in her chest removed today because it was infected. Accessing the port posed the possible threat of blood infection. The plan was to install a new clean port but the infection was too wide spread under her skin. As a result she will need to wait until her infection clears up to have a new port installed. A PICC line will be placed in her arm in the morning to allow for her 3rd round of chemo. Most likely she will have the PICC line throughout the duration of the 3rd round of chemo.


  1. Good evening. I really dont know how I happened upon your blog but I feel like I was suppose too. I will continue to read this but for now just wanted to say I am praying for your beautiful little girl and family. My mom has just found out she has lung cancer so we are in the new stages of this. I am in constant prayer for her as well. God bless you and yours. Pam

  2. Hey, I didn't know you guys had this blog! I'm so glad I can keep up with whats happening now. You guys are always in our prayers! We hope Kami will do well with the 3rd round :)