Sunday, October 3, 2010

a few recent updates

I wrote this Monday, October 4th.
Kami was doing really well last Monday, having received her first round of chemo the Saturday before. Everyone was glad to see her able to go home. She was pretty tired and had very little energy. But Thursday morning Chris took her back to hospital because she was complaining of jaw pain, a side effect of the chemo, and she wasn't really eating or drinking well and talking very little.

She was admitted again to the hospital. She was dehydrated so they pumped her full of fluids, which thinned out her blood so she needed a blood transfusion. Her little body wasn't getting enough oxygen from her blood. She got the transfusion last Friday morning. The doctors and nurses watched her very closely for allergic reactions to the new blood.

The doctors gave her morphine for her jaw pain, which helped a little but wasn't enough. Now she is on dilaudid, an even stronger pain killer than morphine. Her jaw isn't in any pain now, but she has "ulcer-like" sores in her mouth that could possibly be through her entire digestive tract, also a side effect of the treatment. This is why she won't eat or drink. It hurts to swallow.

Funny pic from her first stay at the hospital, playing with Bristol's cups

Just a cute picture.

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